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Simple tips and tricks to chnage the signature in your Yahoo Email account

posted by ysupportno 19 days ago
tags: steps change signature yahoo mail
Whenever one sends an email to another person, adding one's signature at the end of an email has become an absolutely necessary thing in today's innovative world of technology. Whatever email service the users use, they always add their signatures at the end while composing the emails. However, this issue is faced by the majority of the Yahoo email users. So, if you are also a Yahoo user and you don't know how to change your signature in your Yahoo email account, then you have to follow the below steps or you can contact Yahoo technical support .
  1. The first and foremost step is to navigate to the official homepage of the Yahoo mail account.
  2. The next step is to sign into your Yahoo email account by entering the email address and the password of your Yahoo email account.
  3. Then, you have to click on the Settings button.
  4. Next, you have to click on the Account button located on the top-right corner of the webpage.
  5. After that, you have to click on the username of your Yahoo ema
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