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Help me in terminating my Yahoo Mail account permanently!

posted by wkristen 1 year ago
tags: delete Yahoo mail account


Yahoo Mail was again hit with another massive data breach. This is the second time when yahoo is facing this kind of issues. Yahoo mail failed to secure the data of their user in their accounts. Millions of accounts are affected by this massive data breach. After this incidence, people find unsafe to keep their personal information on the Yahoo mail accounts. So, they are quitting using Yahoo services and shifting to other service providers. If you are also affected by the data breach and thinking of terminating your Yahoo account. Then, here we are providing you with the complete information to permanently delete the Yahoo mail account or can also take help from the Yahoo experts in deleting your Yahoo account.

Before terminating your Yahoo account, you need to check the following:

  • Disable account key before deleting Yahoo email account.
  • Remove all child accounts linked to your Yahoo before terminating the main parent account.
  • If you’ve forgotten the password of your Yahoo a
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