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Blockchain and JavaScript are Best Suited for Mobile App Development

blockchain and javascript #Blockchain & #JavaScript are two dominant technologies that are accelerating quickly. These are about to make a lot of positive impact on app development in future. Learn more @ Blockchain and JavaScript are Best Suited for Mobile App Development. continue reading →
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Mobile App User Retention


Many start-up companies are trending well with the Mobile App Onboarding process and increases their User Retention Rate immensely. Know the essentials of designing the Onboarding process and achieve user engagements everlastingly.

Learn more at Mobile App User Retention


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How Way2Smile is familiar with the Angular 6 JS for Product Development?

angular 6

Developed by Google, Angular is the open-end framework that helps create modern, dynamic web apps. Introduced in the year 2009, this framework has been gaining massive traction over the past years, thanks to its caliber of facilitating faster and lighter apps while eliminating unnecessary codes. There’s no wonder in the fact that AngularJS has evolved rapidly and has attained the position where an astounding 45% of software engineers across the globe are using it to create effective user interfaces. Starting its journey with the humble AngularJS1 in 2010, this framework has traversed an evolutionary path to reach the modern AngularJS6 in the year 2018. This JavaScript-based platform has been rated to be the most popular development framework.

Why is AngularJS Considered Unique?

Building dynamic applications using Angular doesn’t require relying on third-party libraries. This highly advanced and feature-rich client-side framework is being widely used and adopted by individual develo

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