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Is it better to buy or lease a new car

by petermain3 months ago

Aside from having access to a vehicle that the individual might not otherwise be able to own that are also normally significant financial benefits to be had by leasing a car. Many manufacturers offer very specific finance deals on car leases, often with 0% interest, assuming your credit rating is good enough to qualify for it.

With any lease agreement, all the costs should be spelt out and clarified at the beginning of the lease period. This includes what is normally referred to as the lease end agreement. This is costs associated with wear and tear of the vehicle.

These charges can be significant, but the lease agreement should spell out in exact detail how they are calculated and on what basis any charges will be made.

Whether buying or leasing a vehicle, the same credit checks will be made against  an individual, and an assessment made based on their credit score. This will determine whether or not the credit company or dealership finance will lend money to the individual and on

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