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Cloud-based DR or Traditional DR – Which is the best Disaster Recovery Plan for you?

As the data is increasing, so is the need to protect it. But what if an attack still happens? That is when you need a disaster recovery plan (DR plan). Every organisation should necessarily have an IT disaster recovery plan so that they never fail at business continuity; no matter whether that was a natural or human-made disaster. There are different types of disaster recovery and various disaster recovery solutions. You need to plan your disaster recovery strategy accordingly.

Business people generally get confused between traditional disaster recovery and cloud-based disaster recovery.

The traditional DR consists of duplicating data and applications. This duplication and back-up are either on dedicated servers the storage is either at remote locations or on-premise. For all these things, you would need to employ a competent IT personnel who can test, back-up, and maintain all the infrastructure. As a result, the overheads and expenses would rise for all companies. And if the worst-

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Why is Web Application Security Vital for Your Business?

by mtvscan1 month ago

Every business wants to leave a mark and be in touch with their customers as that is vital for businesses to breathe, feed, and grow! For this, the only way is being social, and for that, you need a website! A web application is, therefore, a very enticing aspect, mostly for any businessman. Web applications provide an interface which is user-friendly, giving quick access to the users to check out the details of your business, be it products or services.

What is the Need for Web Application Security or Website Security?

Regrettably, due to the same reasons, the web application security is the matter of significant concern for the businesses. Many times the unauthorised people also get access, and they take undue advantage of the quick, seamless, user-friendliness of the site to get through the crucial data. These vulnerabilities cause vital and confidential data to leak and raise grave risks of security.

The threats are always going to come to us in different masks, but so the sol

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