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The Dangers of Trash Lorries Around Residential Areas Should Be a Cause for Concern

by PatrickReid3 months ago

Garbage truck accidents can often be deadly, such is the weight of these vehicles. Recent statistics have shown that in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, these garbage trucks, as well as dump trucks injure and kill more pedestrians per mile travelled than any other form of transport. This goes to show how deadly these incidents often are, according to https://www.texas-truckaccidentlawyer.com/practice-areas/garbage-truck-accidents-in-houston.


As you will probably have gathered, garbage trucks have real safety issues with regards to blind spots. Sometimes cyclists venture into these blind spots when these trucks are turning with devastating consequences. Since these garbage trucks are picking up people’s garbage, they often spend a lot of time in residential areas, and there are numerous cases of people being run over outside their house, all because of these blind spots.

Because of the size and weight of these large garbage and dump trucks, a crash is much more likely to re

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Why Developing a Culture in Your Dental Office is so Important

by PatrickReid1 year ago

Everyone knows that recruiting new staff is expensive in terms of not only finance, but also time. We’d much rather be working on delivering a high quality dental service to our patients. To reduce the need for hiring new staff, it is important to keep your existing staff happy in their job with you.

This, of course, is easier said than done. There are ways to keep employees happy and productive such as creating a thriving culture within your workplace. If you develop a culture where every employee feels included and valued, the morale of everyone will increase. If you don’t, studies have shown that you will likely experience a high staff turnover, which will lead to higher recruitment costs. Even when you do keep people happy, they may still want to leave for personal reasons. If you need to hire someone quick, we’d recommend you visit DentReps.com, who have a wide selection of qualified candidates waiting to take your job.



Culture can be termed as the workplace’s norms, value

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The Hottest New Tiling Trend for 2018 – Crackle Mosaic Tiles

by PatrickReid1 year ago

Design blogs have been increasingly making use of crackle mosaic tiles, which has increased the number of people looking to buy these tiles for their home design projects. Stained glass has also seen a rise in popularity, which is normally only seen in church windows!

Crackle glass tile mosaics look excellent in both kitchens and bathrooms. We thought we’d talk through the things to look out for in this type of tile, which will help you identify whether these tiles are suitable for your property or not.


Color of your Tiles


We would recommend that you choose different color combinations when you are creating your mosaic design. The tiles which offer the best effect feature deep, vibrant colors. These tiled designs allow your room to really stand out from the competition.



The Quality of the Color


Some crackle glass mosaic tiles last longer than others in terms of retaining their color. There is nothing worse than gradually watching the color of your tiles fade slowl

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What Strains to Grow with a Limited Psychoactive Effect?

by PatrickReid1 year ago

If you are looking for autoflower seeds that have lower levels of THC, but you are not sure which strains to choose, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you advise which strains are most suitable that offer the best yields and effects that you are looking for.

Autoflowering strains are perfect for both beginners and veteran growers alike, as they are more resistant to pests and easier to grow. Strains with low levels of THC have a limited psychoactive effect, which many people want to experience.

Here are the two strains Anubis Seeds have identified that contain low THC concentration levels.


Auto Xtreme

This strain still provides a little bit of a psychoactive kick, but doesn’t leave you “losing your marbles”. The Auto Xtreme strain is formed between a cross between Amnesia and Super Have, which results in very good yields. The harvest time for Auto Xtreme is mighty quick, as you can expect to harvest in just 85 days. Of course, this harvest time depends on the

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Check Out This Stunning Crestron Multi-Room Home Entertainment System Installation

by PatrickReid1 year ago

This Crestron Multi-Room Audio Video system installed in Primrose Hill needs to be seen to be believed. All the video zones that have been created in the house can view centralised Virgin Media Tivo, as well as Apple TV.

The Audio zones are able to access an Autonomic MMS Digital Media server, which is able to offer internet radio, Spotify and access to the client’s iTunes database. For adding a personal touch to the installation, Custom Controls (the home audio video installations experts who installed the system), were able to stream the local radio from where they were from to the property.

Each room in the property is linked to create an incredible high-end home entertainment system. The residents can easily move from the classy open plan family room to the dining room and through to the kitchen to ensure that the listener doesn’t miss a thing.



The main “formal” living room of the property possesses a state of the art retractable projector screen, which is able to drop dow

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Do Irish People Wear Kilts?

by PatrickReid1 year ago

You might be asking yourself whether Irish people used to wear kilts. Whatever the answer you get, you will still want to know whether they do wear them today. This is the most recurrent questions I have to address here every now and then on Kilts.com.

Even though the question has a lot of confusion, the short and simple answer is yes. However, this doesn’t apply where Scots are concerned. Of course, kilts in Scotland dates back to about 300 years go. However, Irish people only started kilting 100 years ago. So, how did this tradition come about? Simple answer is, it came about because of Gaelic pride and nationalism.

Irish men used to wear a very long linen tunic that they called Lein-croich during the Middle Ages period. There are a number of illustrations and interpretations of this practice in many other arts such as stone carvings and the paintings of Irish warriors. The most common interpretation, which is very misleading, is that the Lein-croich is a Greek Kilt because it leav

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Choosing the Best Headphone Amplifier – Our Advice

by PatrickReid1 year ago

If you are in the market for a headphone amplifier, but are at a crossroads over which one to choose, fear not! We are on hand to help you choose the device that is most suited to your needs. Without further ado, lets take a look at two headphone amplifiers that we have grown to love in our reviews.

Creative E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier



The first amplifier we would recommend is the Creative E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier. The amplifier features a 24-bit/192kHz high resolution USB DAC. This device is an audiophile’s dream and is made of the finest components for the ultimate listening experience. It features aptX technology for the use of Bluetooth and it is possible to use this device at a PC or Mac, or on the go if you so desire. It is also possible to use your iOS or Android device with the amplifier also.

The Sound Blaster E5 is able to support a special asynchronous mode, which we have found to be superior to other USB data transfer modes that we have looked at. In thi

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Have You Considered Using Cannabis as a Treatment Solution for Your ADHD?

by PatrickReid1 year ago

ADHD is a particularly difficult condition to treat, and a lot of recent attention has turned to cannabis as a possible treatment solution. Anecdotal and some scientific evidence has pointed to the fact that ADHD sufferers who use cannabis on a regular basis have noticed increased levels of focus and concentration. For many, it changes their lives for the better.

So, what strains are particularly effective for this purpose?





Users of Cinex have commented positively on the increase in mental energy and improved engagement, as a result of using Cinex. When I used it for the first time, I did feel a weird “wired euphoria”, which then mellowed, but it allowed me to concentrate and be productive, as well as improving my creativity.

If you suffer from anxiety, it is probably best that you avoid Cinex, as some people have noticed that it can trigger racing thoughts.


Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel is a permanent fixture in many dispensaries and is fast becoming one of the go

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Recommendations for the Best Portable Wildlife Camera

by PatrickReid1 year ago

Selecting the best portable wildlife camera can be an arduous task, as the prices vary from only $50 to upwards of $500 for what appears to be cameras with similar properties. This is where we come in. We have decided to review our own personal favourite portable wildlife cameras to make your job easier. So, without further ado, let’s take a look.


TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Infrared Night Vision Game Camera


The TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Infrared Night Vision Game Camera is a device that comes highly recommended by many buyers. It is able to capture 14 megapixel crystal clear images, and if you prefer to record video, this is made possible by the 1080p recording credentials that the camera possesses. The image quality doesn’t dilute during low lighting, to ensure you have vivid pictures no matter what the conditions are.

The camera is fitted with a unique 120 degree lens, which is wide angled, to maximize the shooting scope of the camera. There are 42 infrared LEDs

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