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Galaxy S10 Chipset Discovered in S9 Software

By Dudish

All eyes are on Samsung’s new smartphone, the Galaxy S10. The Company brings to the smartphone market cutting-edge technology, not just with a classic new design, but also a novel in-display fingerprint reader ultrasonic-based — a real match to Apple’s Face ID.  

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New Study: People Happier after deleting Facebook

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A Vegan Burger Better than the Real Deal

by logan2 days ago

vegan burger

Vegans, vegetarians, and even carnivores are speechless after trying this vegan burger. The beyond vegan burger is just beyond reality, it's perfect, and it's 100% vegan.

This vegan product allows you to continue eating whatever you love — Chili, chicken nuggets, and meatballs, only without animal protein.

Learn more...

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Are You About To Start A Bone Graft Procedure?

bone graftAugma Biomaterials develops and innovates dental bone augmentation materials, all based on implementing high technology, biphasic calcium sulfate cement, scientific knowledge, and thorough research.

The engineers at the company are obligated to find the most efficient solutions for bone graft substitutes.

Website: https://www.augmabio.com

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Customer Support Outsourcing - Take It As An Award



Whether you should be out sourcing customer service abroad, then you could also find cultural differences and language differences. Many call centre professionals speak great English, however, you may realize that a few terms endemic to your company aren't well understood. You can provide the outsource customer service team having a glossary of all terms along with common questions that are related to your business to avoid unexpected confusion.

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Leading Outsourcing Service Provider-SSR TECHVISION

SSR TECHVISION PVT LTD is a leading outsourcing service provider. We are in business since 2015 and our head office is situated in the United States (USA). Having highly qualified and well-skilled agents, we have provided multiple solutions to different verticals in the industry so far

Outsourcing Provider

We created our brand trust by providing best services to our clients around the world. SSR TECHVISION PVT LTD is a partner of choice to many businesses in the US  by providing value to enable its customer base’s long-term sustainable growth. 


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How call center outsourcing can be beneficial for business in 2019

Call center services are one of the most important non-core services that a company performs. These services are responsible for sky-rocketing the revenue of a company. Apart from that a lot of company’s tasks can be accomplished by these services. Management and maintenance of the company’s revenue generation system can be handled using these services. As these services have such a great impact on the company’s operations, they must be given a high priority by the company.

Best Call Center Services

Here are some benefits of Call Center Outsourcing for business in 2019  

Reduces costs advantages 

Improve efficiency and productivity during peak hours 

Get 24*7 call support services

Access to the latest technology

Ensure Business Continuity

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Know More about Emergency Locksmith Services

No one would need to be locked out of her or his office, vehicles or residence, however, there are circumstances where people misplaced or forget their keys. As a result of expenses and inconvenience experienced, emergency locksmith provides a wide range of option for them. These companies are generally certified, bonded and insured meaning that they will try hard to present a high-quality solution for all those who get themselves in this circumstance.

The emergency locksmith should have a well-skilled technician staff who can deal with any kind of locks. They should frequently go through several training sessions to advance their skills in order to help their customers well. These companies deal with a wide region of service be it in the residential regions, automotive or in the office. The staff must be available twenty-four hours a day for easy convenience not only in your area but also in surrounding areas. They are also hired for emergency purposes. They are available all times

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Automobile Locksmith Services Anywhere, Anytime

An automobile locksmith or car locksmith can facilitate with lost and broken car keys. He can also come to help you if there are transponder key issues or lockouts, if ECU programming wants to be done, or if the locks are damaged. Nowadays mobile roadside help is also offered by the locksmith. Locksmiths are expert in transponder key programming, automobile entry, and in cutting innovative car keys.

Who is an automobile locksmith?

A locksmith who is an expert in car locksmith services is called an auto locksmith. They commonly perform services like duplication of automobile keys, cutting keys by code, reproduction of innovative keys, auto lockouts, fobs programming, transponder keys, broken key extraction, and ignition and door lock repairs.


The knowledgeable and completely equipped locksmiths can unlock the automobiles in no time. Their emergency services provided are much faster than the expensive and time-consuming services offered at the main dealer shops. The advanced

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The search for a natural alternative


Well balanced & properly fertilization can help the tree recover from a heavy on-crops year and recoup just in time for the next season. Using natural fertilizing materials to nourish fruit and grapevines using the “embryo nutrition” concept is critical for maintaining a balanced nutrients uptake & for the optimization of the roots, foliage, and fruit development.

Natural fertilizing materials

Visit VGI on Youtube

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5 Tips For Enjoyable Vaping

by Beno16 days ago


Plenty has been said about the dangers of Vaporizers and e-cigarettes, including the biggest risk of them all, which is an explosion of the device used. On the other hand, it turns out you can avoid the danger completely, as long as you follow these few tips. Read more…

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