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Maps & Map Updates | Garmin | United States

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tags: Gpsupdatemap is an independent third party service provider of remote tech support.Garmin is the world leader in satellite navigation and GPS products for pilots, fisherman, sailors, hikers, hunters, search-and-rescue groups. For more information Call us on +1-833-273-0604 or visit us on

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Bitcoin Price Analysis Helps Traders make things Easy

A lot of things have changed all around the world. Some are calling to be careful as things may not go as far as the Bitcoin price analysis is concerned. The business and professionals in the business of Bitcoin must be updated with the latest and updated Bitcoin news for various reasons. Moreover, Bitcoin has emerged as a great investment opportunity to be a gainer.

A lot of people are exploring the ways that helps them. It is not too late to start trading or investing in Bitcoin though. Moreover, as it appears from the above that Bitcoin is now a multi-billion dollar industry where millions are traded every day. Reading the reviews from traders can be extremely great an idea.

Additionally, making money is not difficult when you are doing Bitcoin price analysis and base your trades on it. However, it must be kept in mind that without the help of updated Bitcoin it is not possible at all to make money as a lot of things in this industry depend on the latest events and policy changes.

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Wedding Rings-Important Details That You Must Know

posted by glamiraweddingrings 2 days ago
tags: Engagement Rings

One of the oldest and traditional customs related to wedding is the exchange of wedding rings. Not only it is an age old tradition but this particular custom is followed throughout the world. Though the different culture has different ways of celebrating ring exchange ceremony but the basic concept is same in almost all the cultures. It has been believed that with the exchange of rings, two souls become one. There's another belief that the wedding ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as there's  vein that goes straight to the heart. However, perhaps, because of this particular  belief this particular belief this particular finger is called ring finger. Not only the finger of the left hand, but also the same finger of the right hand is also known as ring finger.

If you are planning to getting married. you must choose the right wedding ring for the engagement event. Besides, choosing the style of the rings, there some other things that you should keep in your mind

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How to Form Taps and improve tool life

posted by jarviscuttingtools 3 days ago
tags: Forming Taps

Forming Taps can provide a wide range of advantages especially in ductile materials. Forming threads help in stronger threads and size control which improves productivity and the life of the tool.  Threads are formed without removing any materialbut just displacing to form threads.


Materials used in forming tapsare those that take easily to cold forms like stainless steel, steel, metals that are light, alloys of these metals and materials that have tensile strength. When drilling, materials that form a nonstop chip are good for formation of thread. During tap forming the structure of the metal is cold worked along the profile of the thread making the threads strong.


Differences between forming taps and Cutting taps


Today in manufacturing a wide range of threads that are produced are machined with the help of cutting tools like taps, thread-mills and taps for internal threads and threading mills and dies for externals threads. These are standard tools for the purpose but as

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5 Must have Security Apps for Android

posted by markhascole 4 days ago

Keeping a smartphone filled with all your personal and financial information is risky in itself. You never know, when and how, someone, a intruder, can get a hold on your smartphone virtually and stole from you, all your personal and private information.

Since smartphones have everything you need in your palm, from grocery lists to emails and valuable pin codes. It’s better to lock it up rather than giving an open invitation to eligible looters. There’s a long debate on how one can be a victim if he is not using internet on his phone, but it is always better to have precautions to avoid such threats.

We have provided a list of the security apps you need to install on your Android phone. All apps are easy-to-find and much easier to download, keeping your data and yourself safe.

  1. Avast Mobile Security

When it comes to security, Avast is a genuine app for the android platform available for free. Why? Security being a major concern it offers a wide range of impressive tools to h

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Advantages of Backlinks

posted by Sushanthp 5 days ago
tags: backlinks SEO

In the SEO world, we often hear about backlinks, let us understand the back-link concept.Getting traffic to your website from other sites is termed as a backlink. Let us take an example: A person is telling that "I am getting a backlink from it means that the person's site is listed in the form of anchor text(Clickable Text) in the form of a keyword. when they click on that automatically they will be navigated to your website i.e means it is linking back to your website. While doing backlinks we need to abid with the google's norms and it must not be a policy violation. 

Advantages of Backlinks

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3 Awesome Tech-Based Charities

posted by dianacarol 6 days ago

Awesome Tech-Based Charities

The tech-based charities have been in the limelight for quite a long time now and hence here are 3 awesome tech-based charities.

The tech business has for some time been the pioneer in advancement, yet lately, the industry has likewise started to lead the route regarding altruistic gifts and activities. Tech goliaths like Apple and Google are two of the greatest supporters of tech foundations in the segment.

While offering back to tech philanthropies is obviously a savvy PR move, these tech goliaths comprehend that offering back to tech-driven associations additionally enables their own business since a significant number of these charities to work to close the sexual orientation and ability hole that is ruling the segment. Which implies organizations like Apple and Google are putting resources into the fate of tech by guaranteeing the cutting edge has the apparatuses, abilities, and support they have to seek after vocations in innovation and IT.

In the event that your business ha

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Handling Teen Depression

posted by lifenliving 7 days ago
tags: online counselling

Adolescent depression is increasing at an alarming rate and it is difficult to diagnose as the adults expect the teens to act moody and tend to ignore their behavior. Teens do not know the real symptoms and cannot analyze and they do not express their feelings very well so they do not seek help. They go through physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that need grooming without feeling anxious by the adults.



Unrealistic academic, social or family expectations can create a strong sense of rejection and can lead to disappointment. They overreact to incidents that happen in school and at home. Many young people feel life is not fair to them and get stressed at the smallest issue in life. They start forming desires and wants just like adults but they have to depend on their parents to fulfill them and that creates frustration and anxiety. If the parents are compassionate, they may take the effort to let go of the teen anger and reason out with them to make them feel g

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