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Audio to Text Transcription Service

Cogito Tech offers Audio Transcription services to transform the audial speech, lectures, legal dialogs and public conversations into rich text languages. Cogito offers this service with the help of highly skilled transcribers who know how to extract the key points from the audio files and convert them into meaningful words for different group of users. Cogito usages the best technology and ensures the accuracy of the transcribed files to make it highly reliable for imperative divisions like legal establishments and educational institutes. It is doing audio to text file transcription service while minimizing the cost to deliver an affordable service.

Audio Transcription Services

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Best Accounting Software

Merrchant provides world's best Free Online Accounting Software & GST Billing Software for small business in India. Merrchant Accounting Software is trusted by industry leaders due to its best features.

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Google Bans CryptoCurrency Mining Extensions on Chrome

posted by John0012 4 days ago
tags: GoogleChrome Google

From now onwards, extensions will no more be accepted by Google Chrome web store that mines cryptocurrency. With the increase in malicious activities since past few months that actually embedding hidden scripts for cryptocurrency mining without taking consent of the users that actually consumes valuable computing resources. Google chat support services can be used to know more from the qualified experts regarding the block of mining extensions on Chrome.


Google has created a benchmark for the same and it will be rolled out from June onwards as the existing extension with cryptocurrency mining scripts will be delisted from the Chrome web store and other such application that is accepted will be thoroughly checked.


The system performance can be negatively impacted due to mining as it consumes huge CPU power to perform the rigorous calculation that is actually needed to derive the digital tokens. The hackers generally ploy all such malicious activities as they are known to emb

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Do You Require Authority For Skip Container Employ?

Whether or not уоu nееd a реrmіt for avoid container hire container will hinge an inquiry: Where will the avoid container be positioned? In basic, cheap skip bins Melbourne authorization will certainly be needed. Particularly, if the avoid is to be positioned on public home such as on the road.

The basic procedure of looking for a cheap skip hire Melbourne license could differ from council to council. Each council could have their very own one-of-a-kind collection of demands. This is from costs related to skips to where the container needs to be placed. On top of that, this is for all residence kinds such as residences, apartment or condos or condominiums.

Prior to you work with cheapest skip hire Melbourne container, it is necessary making an educated choice based upon understanding the various kinds and also dimensions offered.

Council License Considerations

In requesting a council license, the basic info that will certainly be asked for is:

  • Info on why the avoid is called for
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National Green Highway Mission by NHAI for a Sustainable Environment on Highways

The growth of an economy is acknowledged by the highways in India, only 2% of Indian road network comes under National Highway but it carries 40% of the automobile traffics. It signifies the importance of National Highways in the Indian economy. But the growth of highways has some inevitable consequences like environmental degradation in the form of deforestation. The situation gradually becomes critical as the traffic is contributing in releasing greenhouse gases. This leads to global warming and loss of biodiversity.

With an aim to reduce the adverse effect of deforestation on the environment, National Highways Authority of India has taken some initiatives like “Adopt A Green Highway” programme. The National Green Highways Mission (NGHM) is established by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) under National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) with a vision to develop green corridors along national highways for the sustainable environment and inclusive growth. National Highw

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Which Engineering Courses has Lucrative Future?

The education system of the country has evolved with the emergence of several public and private educational institutes, especially in the engineering sector. These institutions are functioning in the country and helping students to build a better career in the field of engineering. Among them, Narasaraopeta Engineering College (NEC) has turned out to be one of the best autonomous colleges located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

NEC offers courses in all the popular branches of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, computer, etc., which have a good career scope in their respective industries. As the world is going hi-tech, the increasing demand for the computer science and engineering is justifiable but the other emerging engineering fields are also lucrative. Let’s discuss which engineering stream has a better career scope.

Mechanical Engineering:

It is the mother branch of the engineering sector. Mechanical Engineering is one of the chosen branches by the students

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Tired Of Hair Loss Problems And Futile Treatments?

Bio Follicle shop, one-stop solution to every hair problem, offers a wide variety of best hair growth products with proven incredible results. We come across various brands and companies offering solutions to hair growth problems. But our every try goes in vain and the brands which claim their products to be so effective succeed in deceiving us. But unlike other companies, Bio Follicle shop with its organic and fully vegan products never cease to provide outstanding products to its customers at unbeatable prices and promises effective results. The Bio Follicle Hair treatment is the best solution to any hair loss problem as it is fully organic and without any harmful chemicals. 

The products offered by the Bio Follicle shop not only acts as a relief for its customers facing hair loss problems but also for the people who want to have soft, shiny and flawless hair. It includes normal hair support system, sulfate free vegan shampoos, sulfate free vegan conditioners, dry hair treatment sys

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Arrive Ride Services Connects Seniors to Transportation Networks

posted by allseasonshomecare 16 days ago
tags: home care

Arrive Ride Services began dispatching rides at the start of the new year for seniors without smartphones, connecting them to Lyft or Uber on demand.


"I was looking for a way for my grandmother to get around that felt as easy as going out into her driveway and getting into her Camry," Arrive Ride Services Co-founder Amy Stice said. "Arrive was created to be that. My grandmother talks to a friendly person on the phone and a ride can pick her up from home in under 10 minutes. Like a lot of her friends, she carries a flip phone, so it's simple for her to call us again to get picked up from her destination."


Of Americans over the age of 65, 73 percent don't own smartphones. Thus, this service stands as an intermediary so they can have access to on-demand rides when their loved one cannot make the drive.


Arrive Ride Services charges users a $30 sign-up fee and $5 monthly. Each ride costs $3 more than the bill as it comes back from Uber or Lyft. This service also documents favore

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Did you try these amazing Google Apps?

Google Apps are a web-based solution and software combination (SaaS), which adjusts Google's platform and brand for all firms and companies, including large companies. Google Apps, which can be used on various browsers (though most compatible with Google Chrome), provides access to Google services and user/business administration tools, including Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Videos, and Google Cloud Connect. The top mobile app development company launched its apps for its domain on August 28, 2006, a set of applications for organizations, which paved a way for app development company Dubai and web services to carry out most of the important business online and sync them as well.

Here are 8 of our favorite Google apps that you must get today to experience what Google can truly do for you:

  1. Google handwriting input: Google launched an application called Google Handwriting Input, in 2015, which makes it easier for you to create words and emoji. The Google Ha
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