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What Is The Procedure For Installing A Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet?

Many families install laundry cabinets in balconies, bathrooms or kitchens, which not only enhances the storage function but also makes the corner space more beautiful. But do it yourself and don't know what the installation steps are. Today, Xiaobian sorted out the relevant content and introduced to you what the installation process of the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet is.

1, determine the installation space and the size of the washing machineDue to the limited space occupied by the whole laundry cabinet, we need to make sure that there is room for the whole washing machine cabinet at the beginning, and the size of the washing machine needs to be measured.

2, the layout of hydropower locationThe position of the water purifier: The water purifier is usually a special one for the washing machine, and one for the water tank, which is convenient for installation and also prevents overflow during use. Do not leave the drain in the middle of the laundry cabinet. This makes it easy to find the left and right sides during installation. There is only one drain, just under the foot of the sink, and it can't be used on either side.

3, install the laundry cabinet support standInstall the upper legs on the side panel of the laundry cabinet and the bottom of the main cabinet of the laundry cabinet. The number of tripods is generally about 6, and some will be more. The tripod can prevent the bottom from being immersed in water.

4, install the connection panel of the laundry cabinetFix the three connecting plates of the side panel of the washing cabinet to the washing cabinet body with fastening screws. Pay attention to the order when installing.

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