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Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Purchase Tips

First, the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet comes from:Generally speaking, everyone will install it on the balcony. If the laundry cabinet is orthodox, the predecessor should be the evolution of the household laundry room. The function of a system can be split and spread to thousands of households.

Second, the role of stainless steel laundry cabinet:The production of laundry cabinets is the yearning for people's good life and the importance of health. Improvement of living conditions.

People pay more and more attention to health. The hygienic condition of underwear that is intimately in contact with the body every day is especially important for modern people. Can not be washed in the laundry cabinet with the jacket. Avoid the spread of bacteria. Another example is the men's high-end shirt, which is distorted in the washing machine. Only hand washing will prolong life.

Third, stainless steel laundry cabinet tips:1. Size: The best choice for small size ceramic basin, the large size of the general choice of artificial stone. Because of the 80 cm or more, the deformation rate of ceramics is very high. There is no problem with artificial stone. As long as the artificial stone is used properly, the service life is also very long.

  1. Function: When choosing a laundry cabinet, the first consideration is, of course, the practical function. For example, soap nets with soap. Put the towel bar of the towel and pull the blue of the dirty clothes when you put it. General professional laundry cabinet manufacturers will consider the function is more important than the gorgeous appearance.
  2. Humanization: The washing machine cabinet is a relatively popular style at present. Domestic women are generally about 160 cm tall. The laundry cabinet should be put down the washing machine, the total height is about 90 cm. Women who are under 160 are very uncomfortable to use. The treatment of the high and low basins is still 90 cm in the washing machine, but it is 5 cm below the pool. Only 85 cm. This solves the problem.
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