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Solar Home Security Camera

Why is a solar camera so IMPORTANT for home security?

 As we all know, solar camera brands like Reolink/Arlo/Soliom represent the highest level of technology for home surveillance.  Before that, people had to use huge solar panels with a large volume rechargeable battery and camera, cost around $1000.00.  


1.Why solar ddcameras are important for home security?

People living the US and EU already have alarm systems that connect to the police department.  In theory, if a thief gets into the house, police will be there in 5 minutes.  But the reality is that master thieves could cut the power source and destroy the cameras.  Then they break into the house and steal real expensive items before police arrive.  But for solar integrated cameras like Soliom, there is no way to cut the power source for the thieves.  Especially if there are two solar cameras shooting at each otherThus, when the thieves see a solar camera like Soliom, they will leave and find an easier place to rob.


  1. How can people improve their use of solar cameras?

A camera like Soliom is integrated with a solar panel.  When you compare Soliom with Arlo/Reolink, Soliom only has 1 hardware installation.  The other two will need an additional installation, and the cable connection with the solar panel.  Therefore, if you have an outdoor, on wall position that gets 1 hour or more of sunshine a day, Soliom is the first choice.

 Here are a few tips to maximize the solar power income, and save the power usage.

  1. Users could easily check the solar power income in the evening, when it is not charging.
  2. If the battery capacity always shows full, it means you have it in the right position.  No need to be concerned
  3. However, if the battery becomes less and less, then something could be blocking sunshine from the solar panel.  Users could also try to adjust the solar panel angle for more direct sunshine, or move the camera to a place that has better sunshine.
  4. There is another possibility that cause battery becoming less and less. For example, there could be a tree, or the wind blowing leaves, or dogs running around. In this case, the first thing is to remove the moving object that causes a false alarm. Sometimes, re-adjusting the camera angle to a less movement environment is also workable.



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