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Pay attention! These are the first symptoms of diabetes!

Diabetes symptoms are really subtle and you could easily ignore them as something irrelevant. However, you should pay close attention to these signs that indicate the first symptoms of blood sugar. Early detection of diabetes can prevent many complications in the future.


Diabetes is a disease that affects the ability of a human organism to produce or respond to insulin. This leads to a high blood sugar level. The first symptoms of blood sugar can be so harmless that people can easily overlook them. If not treated, diabetes will not only affect the quality of life, but will also shorten it. 

What are the first symptoms of blood sugar and how can you identify them?

These are the most common symptoms of early diabetes that will help you discover the disease in time:

    • Increased thirst and frequent urination,    • Increased hunger,    • Tiredness,    • Blurred vision,    • Inexplicable weight loss,    • Itching,    • Slow wound healing,    • Dark spots on the skin.

Increased thirst and frequent urination most commonly occur as the first symptoms of blood sugar. This is due to the fact that the kidneys can not absorb all excess sugar. Instead, the sugar ends in the urine taking fluid from the tissue. It makes you constantly moist and feel dehydrated.


Increased hunger, together with thirst and urinating, makes three major signs of diabetes. Special attention should be paid to this symptom, especially when hunger does not disappear after meals.

When you have diabetes, you feel tired and sleepy because your cells do not have enough glucose to use it as energy.

Blurred vision may be a sign of more severe eye disease, if this is not the case, then it may be an early sign of diabetes.

Unexplained weight loss means weight loss without diet or exercise. When your body can not use glucose as a source of energy, it starts to use fat and muscle instead of energy.

Due to excess sugar in urine, the body takes fluid from other tissues, including your skin. Dry skin can itch you, and this can lead to skin infections.

Dark spots appear in the areas where the skin is wrinkled. They are a very common sign of diabetes and should be reviewed immediately (cijena aparata za mjerenje šećera u krvi). 

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