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HARMAN SmartAuto: Turn your old car into a smart connected car

by rajeshjhamb1 month ago

Everyone is well aware of the fact that the age of connected vehicles is upon us and even OEMs is pushing and promoting connectivity for automobiles.

However, a majority of cars in India might never get OEM support to connect themselves to the cloud and therein, lies an opportunity.

This is where Harman acts as a saviour as it came up with the opportunity at the outset and on the back of a successful launch of their plug and play connected Cars technology in the US they have finally officially announced the product for India.

Harman has mentioned that the sheer volumetric size of the Indian automotive market is enticing as it is, given the fact that the device on sale in the US was also designed and developed at Harman’s R&D Facility in Bangalore.

HARMAN smart auto has telematics Application Gateway Device which will help consumers enjoy fast connectivity and streaming media via the embedded Wi-Fi hotspot at 4G/LTE speeds.

With the help of built-in GPS and other sensors, you can easily track and monitor your vehicle and access driving statistic over a simple mobile application on your smartphone. Another advantage with smart Auto is that you can seek roadside assistance anywhere and anytime.

They have opened a door full of possibilities including diagnostics and controls for your car using the IOT. This way you can quickly turn your old car into a smart car!

Aftermarket Connected Automotive Platform, plug-in device, can support connected applications and transform any existing vehicle into an intelligent auto vehicle.

The device can be plugged into a vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic port. Once connected it automatically creates a Wi-Fi hotspot; then with the ignition, it can be connected to 8 devices at once.

The device by enabling long-distance data transmission helps in fleet management, cybersecurity and theft assessment, vehicle health and location tracking, emergency assistance, etc.


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