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Texas Bill Could Sentence Women To Death For Abortion

by blavity7 days ago

Texas lawmakers are considering a bill that would charge women who get an abortion in the state with homicide, a crime punishable by death.

The bill, authored by state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, a Republican from Arlington, would instruct the attorney general to charge both women and the performing physician with homicide for having gone through with the procedure. Read complete news at: https://bit.ly/2DbwrWH

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Allahabad Bank SO Recruitment Online Form 2019

by sarkariresult778 days ago

Now online available is Allahabad Bank SO Recruitment Online Form 2019 Online Application Form for the Recruitment Post of Security Officer, Civil Engineer, Manager Fire Safety, Manager Law, Company Secretary, Manager IT Network, Manager Security Administrator, Manager System Administrator, Manager Big Data Analysis, Financial Analyst, Manager Equity. Those Candidates Are Interested in the Following Recruitment and Completed the All Eligibility Criteria Can Read the Full Notification Before Apply Online.


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Homeland Security Was Reportedly Worried BLM Protestors Would Join ISIS

Documents obtained by Property of the People (POTP), a self-described nonprofit specialist organization, allegedly show law enforcement officials linked the Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD. #BlackLivesMatter protests to an interest in joining ISIS.

The Intercept released the report Monday, saying POTP had shared the documents with them. Though there have been multiple accounts of emails and documents that have proven law enforcement monitor(ed) Black Lives Matter protestors, such a link to ISIS has never publicly been seen. One possible example was in 2017 when Al Jeezara reported leaked emails, dated July 8, 2016, termed one protestor as a "black supremacist extremist."

POTP's latest findings suggest individuals within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security established a pattern of similarity between the movement against police brutality and foreign terrorism. They did so, The Intercept reported, by greatly exaggerating "isolate

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NASA Trying to Prevent Mammoth Asteroid from Hitting Earth

by Beno12 days ago


Imagine a giant asteroid hitting earth at a force of about 80,000 times more formidable than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. Sound like a sci-fi flick? Well it might be closer to the truth than we’d like to admit!

Astrologers and NASA experts are busy exploring an enormous asteroid called Bennu that is currently circling the sun. If Bennu continues on its course, it has a 1-in-2700 chance of hitting earth — small odds in astronomical terms. If everything goes wrong, dooms day will be 25 September, 2135.

Meanwhile, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx space probe has been on a sample-return and study mission for the last 7 years after being launched on 26 September, 2016 atop an Atlas V space rocket. It will round up its mission this December when it gets close enough to poke Bennu for just 5 seconds in order to take a significant sample of the rubble from its frosty surface for study.

It will then return and reach earth in 2023. OSIRIS-REx (acronym for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resou

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Custom Made Boxes is One of The Most Popular Products Provided by RSF Packaging

Custom Made Boxes

Many companies are offering you durable and sturdier Custom Made Boxes. Custom boxes are used to keep your products safe, as they are efficiently stand-up in bumps and jerks to prevent damages and breakages. They are entirely cost-effective, long lasting and light in weight which helps you to transport your products carefully from one place to another unharmed. Over time, advanced technology has entirely changed the distribution and supply chains of the items. However, custom boxes continue to serve the Packaging Industry for decades. Hiring professional services to help you in designing your tables by keeping in view your requirements and personal choice. Moreover, by choosing these boxes, you can efficiently manage the packaging for a massive range of products while keeping the costs to a competitive level.

Custom Made Boxes

Major types of boxes:
  • Folding boxes
  • Rigid boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Boxboard or paperboard boxes
Advantages of using custom boxes:

Following are the a

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Atlanta Police Department Reopens 22 Child Murder Cases

Atlanta's officials say new advances in DNA testing led to the decision to reexamine the 1970s files.

Two days ahead of a documentary focusing on the unsolved murders of 22 children in Atlanta, officials in the city say the cases have been reopened.

Read complete news here: https://bit.ly/2TPN3O2

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Self-Driving Cars Aren't Good At Seeing Pedestrians With Dark Skin, According To New Study

A new study has discovered self-driving cars may not recognize people with dark skin as easily as white people.

Futurism reports Georgia Institute of Technology researchers recently published a study in arXiv that shows the artificial intelligence powered self-driving vehicles struggle with detecting pedestrians with dark skin.

The study, “Predictive Inequity in Object Detection,” tested the accuracy of object detection models, the code used by AI to "see" people and things in the surrounding environment, using the Fitzpatrick scale, a numerical classification for human skin color.

To know more, visit: http://tiny.cc/o0yu3y

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Ultimate Guide on Hiring An Expert Weddings Photographer Near Me

Top 4 benefits of hiring a professional weddings photographer nearby

If you’re getting married and you did your research about it, for example choosing the venue as well the caterer to engage not to mention the cake to order and the dresses, centrepieces according to plan. The only thing left is a professional weddings photographer near me service to hire. With the help of that guy, you’ll get to cherish the moments by looking at the pictures he will capture for you. As an option, you could go for a family or friends’ amateur photography. As he is willing to do it free for you, to save some substantial money. Guest Post available ...

In that scenario, a question arises why you’re not going with an expert wedding’s photographer near you? Is there any advantages to having an expert photographer at your wedding as these benefits can outweigh the little money, you’ll save from your budget to get picture capture by your friend for free. Moreover, as these capture moments are for a lifetim

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What does the change in the Facebook algorithm mean for brands?

by rprifat6461 month ago

Facebook is making changes to its “News feed” algorithm, and brands are starting to worry about how it might affect them. Algorithm changes in media where brands are promoted or get customers, are always accompanied by disorders, readjustments, and even in extreme cases of a clean slate.

It does nothing that Google has just reformed its mobile algorithm , and when companies were starting to organize themselves to adapt their mobile-oriented marketing strategies, Facebook  Email List News comes along and decides to update their news algorithm. But should panic spread? How does this change affect brands? What are these changes really? Well, this will work for users:

Facebook is giving priority to the contents published by friends that matter to you as a user, such as videos, photos, change in the profile picture, status update, or links, so they will be above the RSS News. Unless you usually follow news, if so, you can continue to see them, but even in this way you will be giving prior

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Google and Facebook how do they help save lives in Nepal?

by rprifat6461 month ago

Any help to bring order is welcome in the current chaos that reigns in Nepal. The authorities, completely overwhelmed, have great difficulties in obtaining and transmitting information about affected people. In this regard any help is welcome and the two  Email List News largest data managers of our time know that they have much to contribute. How do they do that?

Both Google and Facebook have put in place tools that, taking advantage of the great reach and capillarity of their tentacles, help to manage the data of people involved.

Google Person Finder

is a tool similar to the one that Google already made available in Haiti in 2010. On this page you can search for information about missing persons or offer information about someone.

The importance of millions of microdata

Both tools obviously help affected people and their family and friends, but their usefulness goes much further . The data is available to authorities and all types of organizations. Every little information about

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