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Insulation Market is anticipated to reach approximately USD 74.75 billion by 2022

A research study titled, “Insulation Market by Product Type and Application - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2022” published by Crystal Market Research.

Report Overview: The Global Insulation Market was worth USD 40.06 billion in the year of 2014 and is anticipated to reach approximately USD 74.75 billion by 2022 while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.06% over the forecast period. Insulation materials are nonconductive materials that are employed to isolate an object or area from its adjoining environment and maintain its usual state of being.

For more information, click on the below link @ https://www.crystalmarketresearch.com/report/insulation-market

The insulation can be of various types, such as electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. Good insulators have particles filled in such a manner that they cannot hover to the degree necessary to effectively transfer the quantity of sound, heat, or electrical energy. In

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Cladding Insulation Solution

ArmaSound® SuperSilence Ductliner

Fibre free, super silent & microbe resistant easy to apply acoustic insulation material, with a very good sound absorption, damping and barrier properties

Special Features

• Reduces duct and plant room noise substantially

• 24X7 active anti-microbial  protection for better Indoor Air Quality

• Quick and easy installation - no bitumen, tissue paper or  perforated sheet required

• Non-fibrous, no fibre migration

• Extremely high noise absorption  per unit thickness

• Built-in 'Microban' protection for product lifetime

• High density to dampen duct rattling & vibration

• High Air Erosion Resistance  - up to 10,000 fpm

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Thermal Insulation Calculator

Arma-Chek® Silver

Arma-Chek® Silver is an easy to apply professional solution, featuring Armaflex elastomeric insulation material and a covering in one system. Besides all known features of Armaflex as the most trusted brand for flexible thermal insulation, it provides an attractive silver-look appearance with superior, easy to clean protection. The result is a high-end, cost effective solution for sustainable energy saving, reliable condensation control and a higher life expectancy of the installation. It is resistant to most weather and environmental conditions and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.


Special Features
  • Pre-covered system saves installation time compared to metal jacketing
  • System with matching tape, elbow and T-Parts
  • Easy to clean aesthetic surface in metallic look
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Strong and resistant surface
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Professional training provided by Armacell
Arma-Chek® Silver 350

The professional co

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Chiller Pipe Insulation in india

Class 0 Armaflex® with Arma-Chek®GC

Arma-Chek GC is flexible, woven glass fibre covering system that provides effective long term mechanical protection to Armaflex substrates. 

Key Features

• Pre-covered insulation system with 5 colour options

• Good resistance to mechanical  impact & scratch 

• Faster  installation with pre-covered sheets and tubes

• Better Aesthetics and Ease of identification

• Class O Fire Performance

• FM Approved

Arma-Chek® GC

• Economical covering system

• Good resistance to mechanical impact and scratch

• UV & oil resistant

• Completely closed cell structure

• No risk of galvanic corrosion

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