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Cheap Small Size Girls College Bag|haniyabilal fashion store

A stylish handbag for the college girls with awesome design and small stripe. The specially designed ladies college bag for the fashionable girls that want to buy designer ladies handbag at the cheap price. For more stylish ladies handbags visit haniyabilal online fashion store.

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ladies handbags collection-Haniyabilal fahion store

Haniyabilal online fashion store now presenting new era of ladies fashion handbags. Now the college-going girls and fashion loving ladies can buy exclusively designed handbags from your online fashion store. These bags are made up of fine quality material and available in reasonable price. You can also explore our exclusive ladies handbag, college bags for ladies, ladies purse and women's clutch collection on our official haniyabilal online fashion store. 

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Fingerprint security intelligence handbags

posted by handbagsyou 8 months ago
tags: handbags smart security

Many people are afraid of smart phone runs out of power, although usable commonly known as "charging treasure" of the flow of power charge, but Chazhu charging cable is quite inconvenient and unsightly. A British designer has designed a smart handbag out, not only can wireless charging mobile phones at any time, more fingerprint lock, anti-theft Taking a high-tech features, it can be said to Shien was female.

FYB London named stylish handbag, automatic locking function which can store fingerprint 100 fingerprints, just touch at the sensing position, the fastener bag to immediately self-lock or unlock. Furthermore handbags also equipped with Bluetooth warning if they leave home with a bag too far, you're instantly on your phone notify you via Bluetooth.

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Handbags investment knowledge learning

posted by handbagsyou 9 months ago
tags: handbags learning business

Some people find buy designer handbags and clothing is a kind of waste, but as long as has the investment horizon and to obtain appropriate, in fact handbags also can for our wealth appreciation, as we have mentioned before Hermes Birkin handbag more value than gold, to master the following five key before the choose and buy, you may be the next investment talent!Rule # 1: don't take qiao colorFor handbags, remember not to buy too flower color opportunely, as black Chanel Jumbo Flap handbags, since its launch, value over time more and more high, in the home demand for classic designs.Rule # 2: start with limited edition before you want to knowLimited edition represents the value? No! Many brand quarterly will launch a special limited edition modelling, but do not represent can appreciation or hold their value over time, remember to choose the style a limited edition of evergreen don't fall!Rule # 3: keep the appearance of the handbagWant to sell a good price, natural to pay attention t

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Women Fashion Tote Bags Need For Spring Season

posted by alenaedwin 11 months ago
tags: women tote bags handbags spring fashion

New fashion trend and the trendy fashion accessories always make me crazy. I know ladies have a good fashion sense and they feel confident while carrying the newest fashion accessories. The trendy tote bag is my favorite fashion accessory that I carry for the spring season.

Handbags and stylish outfit, these two things I liked the most. Change with the season, I also do a little modification in my choice.

Spring is the wonderful season to try and experiment with our outfit and accessories. We feel fresh in this season. Mostly, I like to carry the tote bags made of cotton with beautiful print and patterns. It is the best season to show the latest styles.

College girl needs different handbags for different occasions. Cheap and best women leather tote bags online shopping gives you the fashionable bags. Totes have large space to accommodate small to large items. Large tote bags are best to keep the notebook, office papers, makeup kit, charger and more. Tote completes my spring style.

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The process of the producing the crocodile handbags

posted by handbagsyou 1 year ago
tags: crocodile handbags

I believe you no stranger to the well-known French luxury brand Hermes (Hermes), in particular its crocodile leather handbags and watches are worth a lot of money, but be seen as a status symbol, so often you can see many celebrities hand carrying, wearing, however, just after the Ethical Treatment of animals (PETA) sent undercover to sneak into the supply Hermes alligator farms tracing, the process of crocodile found inhumane slaughter, most of the crocodile still conscious before peeling.PETA undercover officers posing sneak into Texas alligator factory employees a month, but the accident did not expect to take their cruel slaughter crocodile horror picture. Typically, plant personnel will first use of electric shootings halo crocodile, and then use the knife to the neck graphic bloodletting. When the stun gun can be a problem, when not available, the plant manager ordered employees will awake crocodile shot, first remove the spine, then the destruction of the brain through the spine

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