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How to choose the Right Shirt for your Body Shape

by Tooley10 days ago

Not everyone knows how to select the perfect shirts. We are shirt manufacturing company in India and we produce shirts for men.  Here, in this blog, we will discuss how you should select the perfect shirts for your physique. First, you must know about the size of your body whether you are tall, small, and so on. A fit shirt can say everything about you, so it is necessary to have a shirt that can suit your personality.  Before we move to further things let us discuss some points that will make you understand about the fitting of shirts. While calculating a perfect fit you should keep following things in your idea:


You must ensure that the corner of the shoulder bone should be connected to the seam.


Your collar should be enough as much as your two fingers can slide away.


Your armholes should be large enough and usable without causing any restriction.


Your sleeve must be comfortable. It should neither be too tight nor too baggy.

Shirts for smal

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What to Wear to a Music Festival for that Extra Fabulous Concert Look


There’s no denial that music festivals are a suitable time for fashionistas to flaunt their style. Over the years, music festivals same as Coachella and Wanderland have become a haven for music, arts, and fashion lovers. While music is a basic part of the festivals, fashion is also a plus that people prepare for months before the event. However, planning what to wear to a music festival that reflects your aesthetic can be hard. Thinking of festival clothes can be overwhelming, and if you still haven’t found the best OOTD, read on to get tips on what to wear to a music festival to make you stand out from the crowd!

1. Be boho chic in a maxi dress.Suggested item: Floral Cutout Maxi DressWhere to buy: Forever 21Price: $38 or estimated PhP1,986


Music festivals are often linked with the feeling of youth and free spirit and if you’re trying to channel both, bohemian is your go-to style. Bohemian kind or boho is often associated with printed, flowy maxi dresses. You can bring in among f

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Customized Shirt for Men

In today’s world, where everyone has begun embracing their own style, it’s not always possible to get exactly what you have in mind at retail outlets. Custom shirts give you more freedom to design a shirt exactly the way you want it, right from the color and print to the collar, buttons, and sleeves. Moreover, you get a shirt that fits you to perfection. Nowadays, custom shirts are in the same range as standard readymade shirts and offer a multitude of benefits. In the coming years, custom clothing is sure to take over people’s lives, especially with online options being much more convenient and accessible with people’s hectic lives.

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Digitizing service

Our digitizers understand all of our customer's needs and we use the updated software programs and technologies to ensure that our customers get the high-quality results. Our company DigitEMB can digitize anything for you! Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers.  All you have to do is to load the design into your embroidery machine and it will be embroidered on your shirt! We do not only do Shirts Embroidery Digitizing, our embroidery digitizing services are limited only by your imaginations. Visit our website to get our awesome embroidery designs.

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10 Simple Ways To Look Effortlessly Chic

Chic style never goes out of date, learn how to make it your own.


  1. Learn what styles of clothing look best on your body.
  2.  Invest in timeless pieces, not the trendy pieces.
  3. Classic cuts and classic lined clothing are your best friends.

4. Reorganize your wardrobe using the 80/20 rule, and what fits your new styles. It’s wardrobe rehab time.

5. Layering is where it’s at, especially in the winter time. Go ahead and layer up a button up shirt under a sweater to give your outfit a little spice.

6. Feel free to cuff the sleeves of your jeans or your button ups to give you that effortless look. A little cuffing never killed nobody.

7. Invest in statement dresses with double look details like ruffles and lace. Paired with a simple clutch, you’re bound to achieve the style that you crave.

8.Add an edge to your outfit by adding on a patterned scarf.

9. Liven up an all black outfit with a statement bag or heels.

10. Most importantly! Wear what makes you feel good! Whether it’s a t

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Everyday PR Tips For The Non Publicist

by edithpr26 days ago


As a small and growing brand, it’s fine to try your hand at public relations. In fact, we encourage niche brands and those on a budget to handle their own PR. Why? Public relations is not super hard. There, we said it. Many in the industry want you to believe there are hidden secrets to gaining their clients amazing exposure, but that’s simply not the case. Public relations is time consuming, but it’s not rocket science. Therefore, if you are just launching a brand or have been in the marketplace for a while, but on a budget, read on for everyday PR tips that are beneficial.



 Linesheets are focused shots of your products on a white background. Since we live in a digital age, most linesheets are now created as jpegs and attached to email pitches. We won’t go into depth how to create linesheets, but they should be resized images of your products, on a white background, with price and brief description under each one. These are not arty, stylized photos. Linesheets high

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How to Spring Transition Your Wardrobe, Regardless of the Temperature

How to Spring Transition Your Wardrobe, Regardless of the TemperatureWarmer weather is finally here! Well, kind of. Not here here but sometimes it pokes its head out to say hello. March is always neither hit or miss when it comes to weather; it just exists in limbo, treating us to sometimes cold-ish days, and sometimes warm-ish days. So what does that mean for our wardrobes? It’s time to start slowly incorporating lighter, brighter pieces into your look, without forgoing sweaters and coats because it’s definitely not warm enough to skip your top layer(s). Watch three stylish bloggers show off how they transition into spring without sacrificing warmth or style. https://retroworldnews.com/how-to-spring-transition-your-wardrobe-regardless-of-the-temperature/

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8 Stylish Jeans for Fashionable Women

Women Jeans

For women, the definition of the right pair of jeans is the one which defines her wardrobe and tastes for fashion. If you are planning to buy one, it is important that you pick up a piece which goes with the shape of your body and makes you look stylish as well as comfortable. Here is a list of top jeans choices for women.

  • Skinny Jeans
  • Skinny Crop
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Jeggings
  • Boot Cut
  • Flared Jeans
  • Low Rise Jeans
  • Boyfriend Jeans
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Golden Tiger Eye Slabs Divya Gem Stonex

Golden Tiger Eye Slabs Divya Gem Stonex 



Tiger Eye Stone is a type of Gemstone that is usually available in a golden to red-brown color, with a glossy luster. Our Tiger Eye Slabs are offered with various sizes, dimensions, thickness and finishes. The application of this slabs are interior walls, interior floors, kitchen countertops, other countertops, wet areas, bath accessories etc. 

Tiger Eye

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Apatite Slab Divya Gem Stonex

Apatite Slab Divya Gem Stonex 



Apatite Slabs have lot of applications in the daily life. It can be used at different places in the office and houses. The implementation of this slabs in flooring give a luxurious look to the floor. From the Semi Precious Apatite Slabs various types of sink platforms, sink, vanity tops, cladding and bathtubs are made.

semi precious decor

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