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Corey Taylor’s New Girlfriend Alicia Dove after Divorcing Stephanie Luby

After divorcing ex-wife Stephanie Luby, Corey Taylor is now dating his new girlfriend Alicia Dove who is super hot. It’s not even a year since the hook up of Corey Taylor and his new girlfriend and the two are cradled in love. Metal Giant Corey Taylor has earned a notable place in the Metal Scene with the release of five Slipknot Albums with the first two being platinum and other hits from Stone Sour. Speaking of his relationship life it’s been over a year since Corey parted ways with his ex-wife Stephanie Luby. The ex-couple got married in 2009. Corey had a wife named Scarlett Stone; their marriage lasted from 2004-2007.

Corey Taylor's girlfriend Alicia Dove

Corey Taylor and Alicia DoveAfter Corey divorced from his ex-wife, he found her replacement rather quickly, and that was/is Alicia Dove. A lovely couple of Corey Taylor and his new girlfriend Alicia Dove is undoubtedly a blessing to them and attraction to many of their fans. Corey and Alicia go on beautiful vacations and post adorable pictures in Social Media. Afte

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Jean Muggli – Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife

by superbhub8 months ago

There are many unheard names which come into the spotlight after being in a relationship with high profile Celebrities. Among them, Jean Muggli, ex-wife of Michael Strahan is the one. Jean came in the media attention after getting married to the famous American football player and achieved more fame after the million dollars divorce. Jean Muggli was born on 30 November 1964 in North Dakota. The woman who came in media attention after marrying Michael was raised in the Queens Borough of New York City. She graduated from her elementary as well as high school from New York.

Jean Muggli – Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife

Jean Muggli’s Net worth as of 2018Michael Strahan’s former wife, Jean has a net worth of $15 million as of 2018. Till now she hasn’t revealed about her professional career. No information is known regarding her job and workplace. Her $15 million net worth in 2018 is the amount she got as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband Michael. Michael has a net worth of $65 million as of 2018. Michael gets an annual salary

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Jane Erin Carrey’s Divorce Reason With Husband Alex Santana

Jim Carrey is a renown American comedic actor. He has a daughter Jane Erin Carrey with his ex-wife Melissa Wormer. Jim’s daughter is a talented singer who had even given audition on American Idol. She is a divorced woman and a mother of one son named Jackson Riley Santana. Jane tied her knot with Alex Santana on November 2009. But their marital relationship didn’t last long. The two divorced just after some years of their marriage and having son Riley Santana.

Reason For Jane Erin Carrey’s DivorceThe romantic married relationship between Jane and Alex was going well. They were happy together along with their son Riley. But the two decided to split up citing “irreconcilable differences” as a reason for their divorce. Jane and Alex divorced just after two years of their marriage in 2011. Jane’s ex-husband Alex agreed to have joint custody of their boy. Jim Carrey’s daughter has pursued her career in the entertainment industry as a songwriter/singer. Her ex-husband is a stage performer

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What happen in Divorce?


Divorce is called “dissolution of marriage”. It helps you legally terminated your relationship. This is the way of your end your marriage life. Best Advocate in Kolkata helps you to solves your problems.

Issues Involved in a Divorce Legal separation

The main key to legal separation is, you are still legally married to your spouse. Its create space between you and your spouse. Legal separation helps to stay in the family, you can able live completely separate lives.

What Happens in a divorce

Divorce is terminated your marriage life. A court is handling how to go through your child custody, child support, divisions your property, alimony.

child custody

This is the most difficult part of the divorce process. The court decided where are your minor child should be happy to live.

Child support

It’s depending on the marriage length and spousesan income. Monthly payment paid by noncustodial to a custodial parent.

Divisions your property

There are two different type of property 1.

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