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Latest Trends and Developments in the Cosmetic Industry

Makeup industry is an ever-growing industry because of the high consumption of different beauty products. People who are the regular users of makeup products focus greatly on every feature of makeup products and packaging is one of those features. The consumers are always looking forward to the new creations and innovations in the cosmetic industry. So, this article brings you the latest trends and developments in the beauty industry as of 2018. Have a look:

  • Sustainable Lotion Paper Bottles

Another latest trend in the cosmetic industry is the paper bottles. Paper bottles are usually uncommon in the makeup products packaging but this new sustainable lotion paper bottle is exclusively designed to keep the product safe and can easily be used for a long time. The paper bottle is designed by using strong cardboard which does not get damaged easily.

  • Soft and Flexible Makeup Tubes

One latest development among the new trends in the beauty products industry is the soft cosmetic tube

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Custom Food Packaging Boxes at Affordable Rates in New York by RegaloPrint.Com

With digital, offset and screen printing techniques, we at RegaloPrint create the most creative packaging boxes for your products. You just specify the shapes and size of box you are looking to secure your product in and we guarantee to make them for on most amazing rates ever. The stock material we use for our packaging boxes mostly is corrugated, cardboard, buxboard and Kraft sheets. You can have the perfectly designed boxes for cake packaging, bottle packaging, retail products and software etc. Our experts know how to design study boxes to both attract the customers and save the products for wear n’ tear of transportation

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RegaloPrint The Printing Services in USA

RegaloPrint, a known printing service provider of Canada is now testing its luck in the United States. According to a press conference held by the company official spokesperson Adam Cooper, RegaloPrint is opening its three physical stores in USA. Mr. Cooper has conveyed positive sentiments of the company and revealed that Jersey City is to be the host of the first American RegaloPrint outlet.

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RegaloPrint Services (RegaloPrint)

After earning trust of the Canadian printing market, RegaloPrint is expanding its operation in the United States of America. Official Spokesman of the company revealed that RegaloPrint will be launching three outlets in America. Up until this point, only the location of one outlet is reveled which is declared to be Jersey City of the state, New Jersey. Click here now



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