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Modular Kitchen

Single Bowl vs Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

The modular kitchen is the best commonly renovated room in the house, and the counter and sink are the most generally replaced items. When we select a new sink, you have different choices.

Configuration and Use

single bowl sinks can open up nearly little space. So, for small kitchens along with a corner sink establishment, a single bowl sink like D-shape bowl, should be a best fit. By utilizing a single bowl sink in a tiny kitchen expands counter space, giving best prep room and counter repository than with a great sink. Definitely, if your cabinets uses a small sink base cabinet, you may find that you have more options for sink styles when selecting a single bowl because double bowl sinks require a larger base.

Double bowl sinks brings different sizes and configurations, from two bowls of same size and model to a big compartment. This gives flexibility in the way you require your sink. For example, you should use one bowl for preparation and the other one for washing. It is hard, a

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New Ideas to organize the Indian kitchen

1. Spice racks

Adding sauce rack not only shows good looking. But can also create it acceptable for you to capture condiments when you are active in cooking. The racks are commonly sleek as they don't have to keep a lot of items. Also, you can fix them right above your preparation counter.

2. Hanging shelves

By rising the depth of a rack, it can easily be curved into a hanging shelf. Because these shelves used to keep a lot of things including tissues and drinkware. In addition, they are also strong enough to maintain bigger things.

3. Hooks

Hooks is the best saving storage techniques. These should be twisted in on the bottom of your counter cabinets. It is best for hanging utensils, spoons and mugs.

These are the best kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens. Sekhar & Co provides the best modular kitchen in chennai with best design and affordable price. Customers are also visiting the modular kitchen showrooms in chennai to buy the modular kitchen accessories in Chennai within t

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Modular Kirchen for Apartments

Modular Kitchen for Apartments

We are always in a constant pursuit for a kitchen that is beautiful, cleaner, well-organized, and comfortable to work in. Over the years, kitchen has also become a point of pride in every house. Currently, the modular kitchen is the best option for you if you want a kitchen that will make your life easier and will enhance the value of your home.

Why Modular Kitchen

There are many reasons for choosing a modular kitchen. Interior designers in Chennai for flats consider modular kitchen as an essential factor to make beautiful living spaces. The urban apartments with limited space is a constraint to create beautiful and organized home.

The lack of space would make the rooms and apartment cramped when the essential amenities and furniture are placed in the house.

Therefore, we need to be well-organized when it comes to the interior design of a home if you don’t want to make the house look cluttered.

For most of the people, the kitchen would be the pain i

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How to design and build your dream kitchen

The necessary thing to think before starting to structure the kitchen is how it is used. Never give up the style of your favorite kitchen for the end of minute because it will change the design and flow of the remaining portion of the house as well. In addition the kitchen can really be quite long to design as all the particular spaces and work areas required to flow correctly so that no storage space is wasted. It is important to start the design process of your kitchen along with all the other rooms in the home , So that it is well beautified into the house.

Work spaces and Flow :

There are 5 work spaces in the smart kitchen a, storage area,preparation area and cooking stove, pantry area, sink area. The pantry area of the kitchen should be occupied for food storage and the refrigerator, when the storage area of the kitchen should be occupied for cookware, kitchen appliances and utensils etc..

The sink are would be the washing area of the appliances and the preparation area should

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Space creating ideas for small kitchens

Having a narrow kitchen that you have to fight with some space crunch, reduce that problem focus on space saving solutions and accept in style and functionality. A tiny kitchen is challenging but it is comfortable and could easily be turned into comfortable. Here are the some tricks and solutions of creating space.

Simple solutions to create space in the small kitchen to To make a small space feel so much bigger

1.Stay in tune with mighty new technology

Change with new technology and revamp the tiny kitchen with current new cooking stove which is compact cooking equipment put together into one unit. Even the cooks will get it convenient to cook in. With oven fixed with cook top means don’t use another space for it. Do inquiry before buying any small kitchen gadget and will get that small-space models are applicable for every gadget, containing refrigerator.

2. Shrinking the sink

It’s not difficult that cleaning in single bowl sink. Single bowl occupy less space instead of two bowl

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Salt, Lemon and White Vinegar: Keys to a clean kitchen

The Kitchen is the most important part of any home as it is used to cook and store food. Hence to maintain it clean and tidy is vital. A clean Kitchen also prevents food borne diseases and will ensure a healthy food being prepared from that kitchen. In market, there are many agents available. But, most of them consists of chemicals and other hazardous materials. It is easy and convenient for us to use homemade cleaners instead of these artificial chemical solutions.

  • opping areas of the chopping boards and rub it around while squeezing half a lemon to get the juice out following it with wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Microwave a cup of water with half a lemon for two minutes. After completion, wipe the steam from the inside of the microwave oven with a cloth. This deodoriser and disinfects the oven.
  • Wipe the shelves and surfaces of the insides of the fridge with soda water and salt solution. This also helps in disinfecting and deodorizing the fridge.
  • Use a mixture warm water and baking
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Planning for a Modular Kitchen in India

On the off chance that you have purchased a house in India in a financial plan of 50L to 1C, We can assume the following

  1. The Granite section is now laid and can't be changed effortlessly. This implies your measured kitchen configuration cannot be a modular one.
  2. The developer has already fixed the position of sink and hob
  3. There are a lot of restriction of the positioning of various elements of the kitchen due to vasthu. Because of which, we cannot consider the worldwide kitchen norms.
  4. There are various other restrictions because of the civil issues like beams, pillars, slant walls etc.

It is better to understand the modular kitchen design and implementation fully before visualising your own kitchen based on the research from the internet and other international interior design magazine.

The following are a set of tips which helps us to understand various aspects of the kitchen.

  1. The optimal number of the baskets and pull outs have to be planned. They provide better organisat
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All You Need to Know About Modular Kitchen

This guide explains some of the key terms in the manufacturing process.

1. Machine Pressed vs Hand Pressed Sheets

According to your vendor's capacity, the laminates are pressed manually or machine pressed on the plywood.

Hand Pressing - The plywood and laminates are cutting as needful, laminates are joined and stick on the plywood.

Machine Pressing - The laminate is deeply pressed on the plywood using machines. Machine Pressing are in two types. Machine Pressing is lot of better life when compared to hand pressing. Hand pressing will give the uneven finish and make the bubbles between the laminate and the plywood

2. Postforming

"Postformed" simply means "formed after laminated" to the plywood. Postforming is a general process of where laminates are smeared to a plywood or substrate with primarily formed edges, and the laminate should be rolled over the edges to make a single, unbroken laminate face.

3. Edgebanding

The plywood will be a raw edge when the plywood is cut. edge ban

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Benefits of Steel Modular Kitchen

The following are the benefits of the stainless steel modular kitchens.

Low Maintenance:

The Stainless steel kitchen does not absorb dirt compared to the wooden kitchen set up. The stainless steel modular kitchens can be maintained easily given the right care, as it has smooth surface. This gives it a smooth, sleek and shiny appearances to the kitchen making it look more sophisticated. The stainless steel modular kitchens can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


Since the Steel used is rust proof and stain resistant, The looks will be retained for a much longer period compared to the wooden modular kitchens. Since the colors in the Godrej stainless steel kitchens are painted with a 7-step fusion process, the color, shine and looks of the modular kitchen attains a classy look with a functional design. Termites and many other insects can be avoided since the kitchens are made of stainless steel. This drastically increases the longevity of the modular kitchens.

Germ Resist

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Important tips to maintain your modular kitchen

by Sekhark2 months ago

As of now, All the main cities are on the way to grow into the smart cities, the current standards are also progressing .Now, people do their houses to be perfectly designed according to the current trends.

Kitchen, no doubt, is the important one of the house. If that place is not maintained properly, this should be harmful to the whole family as a dirty kitchen. It should be a central point of many diseases. Moreover, an unclean kitchen doesn't give a best impression.

According to the modular kitchen, It is important to maintenance the kitchen.

Here are some important tips to maintain the modular kitchen.

1. Clean your modular kitchen regularly. Clean kitchen exterior with a disinfectant spray and a clean cloth. Cleanse floors and make your appliances clean like refrigerators, dishwashers, , stoves etc. repeatedly the process with mineral oil and a wet cloth.

2. If a steel sink in your modular kitchen, take smooth nylon for scrubbing pads to avoid blemishes. You should use vinega

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