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which industries need ERP?

Today an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a must factor for a back- office to work more effectively and productively. No matter how big or small your business is, a smart and robust software featuring all aspects of a company can only take them to greater heights. Therefore an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) plays a crucial role in changing the dimensions and facet of a business.

erp trading system

Being considered as an eminent business application, supporting the ultimate functionalities of a business and Enterprise, ERP encompasses features like Human Resource Management, Accounting and Warehouse Management, Customer Relations Management, Trading and Manufacturing, E-commerce etc. These features underline the success of any business.

Odoo trading ERP software is one of the Best ERP for Small Business. A trading ERP comprehensively covers every aspect of the trading industry.

Basically, a trading ERP software helps one to initiate a better and excellent customer service, empowering

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by kaserp7 months ago

KASERP is the new age CRM for construction companies. It can be called as ERP for construction companies as well. Kaserp offers featured new methods software for construction companies that help manage your customers and all activities that is relating to them. It is Construction Companies software and is already being used by over 5000 companies. KASERP offers the best price and a highly secure method. It can be customized as per user needs and it relieves you of the data management and lets you focus on getting your work done without any issues.

Our services are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

✓ Organize marketing efforts

✓ Manage the sales pipeline

✓ Calculate time spent on converting leads to closing deals

✓ Automates customer service

  • Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

✓ Distribution process management ✓ Supply chain management

✓ Services knowledgebase

✓ Improve accuracy of financial data

✓Facilitate better project planning

We offer a lot of functio

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